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Ice Machine Products

Ice Machine Products

Types of Ice Machines

Whether you are starting a new business, upgrading existing equipment or in need of an additional commercial ice machine – we can get you what you need.

Under Counter Ice Machines – when you have limited space but need up to 300 pounds of ice per day, a self -contained ice cube machine might be right for you.

Ice Machine Products

Cubers – If you need an ice machine to place on top of your beverage dispenser or on top of an ice storage bin we have the machine to meet your needs. 22", 30" or 48" wide machines that can make a ½ or full size cube and produce from 300 to 1500 pounds of ice per day.

Ice Machine Products

Nugget – This soft chewable ice absorbs drink flavors and cools drinks quickly. This style of ice is becoming more popular in quick service restaurants and company cafeterias

Ice Machine Products

Flaker - Flake ice cools quickly and molds to delicate items. This ice is perfect for displaying fish, poultry and produce at your market. Under counter models are ideal for physical therapy and medical clinics. We have flakers that can produce 150 pounds to a few tons of ice per day.

Ice Machine Products

Ice Merchandiser Equipment

If you are selling ice you will need an ice merchandiser freezer to store your bagged ice inventory. We can provide you with a merchandiser for either inside or outside use.

Ice Machine Products

Ice Storage Bin

Ice storage bins vary in size and storage capacity. The ice machine you have will be the major factor in sizing the correct bin for your location. We have bins that hold from 240 to 1650 pounds of ice.

Ice Machine Products

Ice Dispensers

Hotel Dispenser – When your guests or customers have access to helping themselves to ice you will need to have an ice dispenser that meets the strict sanitary needs of the lodging, foodservice, and healthcare industries. These hotel dispensers are available in either 22" or 30" wide models.

Ice Dispenser – With this machine you have the option of manually filling the dispenser or placing an ice machine directly on top of the dispenser.

Countertop Ice and Water Dispenser – These machines are ideal for healthcare and cafeteria locations where the patients, employees or guests desire soft chewable ice.

Ice Machine Products

Ice-O-Matic OEM Parts

If you are a service technician or an owner operator working on an Ice-O-Matic ice machine and need parts, call our knowledgeable staff for assistance getting you the correct OEM part.

Click here for Ice-O-Matic parts portal website.


Ice Bags

Billy Bagger

Water filters

When you are considering buying an ice machine some of the things to consider:

— Do you have enough space? You will need space not only for the ice machine, bin and water filter but room around the machine for air to flow in to the ice machine as well as exhaust from the ice machine.

— Do you have the required utilities? Within 6' of the ice machine you will need an electric supply with the proper voltage, a floor drain and a water source with a water shutoff valve.

— What size ice machine do you need for your application? Will this be enough ice during peak usage? Do you have plans to grow? Below is an industry standard for ice usage per day.

Restaurant — 1.5 pounds per guest
Cocktail — 3 pounds per person per seat
Salad Bar — 40 pounds per cubic foot
Quick Service — 5 oz. per 7-10 oz. drink / 8 oz. per 12-16 oz. drink / 12 oz. per 18-24 oz. drink

Guest Ice — 5 pounds per room
Restaurant — 1.5 pounds per person
Cocktail — 3 pounds per person per seat
Catering — 1 pound per person

Patient Ice — 10 pounds per bed
Cafeteria — 1 pound per person

Beverage — 6 oz. per 12 oz drink / 10 oz. per 20 oz. drink / 16 oz. per 32 oz. drink
Cold Plate — 50% more ice usage per day
Package Ice — Weight per bag x number of bags sold per day

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